The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is the largest public multidisciplinary research organisation in Spain. It has a staff of more than 10000 employees, among these 3202 scientists and about 3802 pre and postdoctoral researchers. The CSIC has 116 Institutes or centres distributed throughout Spain. It has considerable experience in both participating and managing R&D projects and training grants. Under the 6th Framework Programme, the CSIC has signed 418 contracts (37 coordinated by the CSIC). The CSIC is the 5th organisation in Europe in project execution and funding.

The Instituto de Tecnología Química (CSIC) is a joint research centre founded in 1990 by the CSIC and the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV) headed by Prof. Avelino Corma. The CSIC is a worldwide recognized institute that integrates catalysis and materials science through a multidisciplinary approach. It staff conforms a highly qualify multidisciplinary team of specialists in synthesis, characterization of catalysts as well as expertise in their catalytic activity determination in model reactions and reactions of industrial interest.

The Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and sustainable Resource management (ACR+) is an international network of members who share the common aim of promoting the sustainable consumption of resources and management of waste through prevention at the source, reuse and recycling. It currently has nearly 100 members, mainly local and regional authorities as well as national networks of local authorities representing around 1100 municipalities.

ACR+ activities are open to waste management actors, policy makers or technicians, members of NGOs or associations, who wish to implement or anticipate new regulations; to optimise waste management and to find the best technical solutions; to improve service to citizens and to reinforce environmental communication.

EUBIA, the European Biomass Industry Association, was established in 1996 as an international non-profit association in Brussels, Belgium. It groups together market forces, technology providers, and knowledge centres, all of them active in the field of biomass. Its main objective is to support the European biomass industries at all levels, promoting the use of biomass as an energy source, developing innovative bioenergy concepts and fostering international co-operation within the bioenergy field.

The Federal Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Management (bvse) represents more than 670 medium-sized enterprises which are constantly adapting and refining their performance portfolios to meet the requirements of the market and the environment. Their services range from collecting to sorting and processing through to the repeated use of secondary raw materials. In the bvse, powerful and innovative enterprises have joined forces to cover all relevant areas: from paper, plastics or glass recycling to textile, metal scrap and electronic scrap recycling; from the recycling of recovered wood and the processing of substitute fuels through to the disposal of toxic and hazardous waste; from the recycling of biodegradable waste and the removal of used oils through to the processing of mineral waste. Today, it’s member companies employ approximately 50.000 people and cover a turnover of 10 billion Euros.

Ingelia is a technology based company situated in Valencia. The aim is to develop sustainable projects, based on profiting local resources through an innovative process of hydrothermal carbonization of biomass (HTC process) industrially developed by Ingelia

As one of the pioneers in the industrial application of this innovative HTC process, thanks to 6 years of research and development in this technology, Ingelia can provide solutions for the treatment of multiple types of biomass in order to produce a solid biofuel. The equipment of HTC plant system has been designed and patented by Ingelia.

Technical University of Denmark is the leading Engineering Faculty of Denmark with 2300 researchers, 6000 bachelor and master students and 700 PhD students. Department of Management Engineering focuses on innovation and organization of innovation processes and technological and environmental relations in a business and social perspective. The department’s Division for Quantitative Sustainability Assessment (QSA) covers development of scientifically based engineering methods and tools for analysis and application in decision support concerning environmental and social sustainability. Technology domains addressed are e.g. biomass/biofuels, waste, resources and nano technology. QSA participates in projects financed by national and international authorities and industries, including EUFP 7 projects (10 ongoing) and at present industrial PhD projects with Siemens, Shell and Novozymes.

TTZ is a private non-profit organisation established in 1987 in Bremerhaven, Germany. It is an innovative provider of technology transfer services and conducts customer-oriented research and development and trainings. It has a multicultural and multidisciplinary staff of around 100 persons. TTZ has a worldwide partner network and a broad experience in the development and implementation of projects financed by international organisations, e.g. the EU and the UNDP, as well as by national or regional institutions. It is also a highly recognised R&D service provider for private companies, mainly SMEs from the region. For this project the Biomass Group of the Environmental Institute is responsible.

TERRA PRETA GmbH, located in Berlin, Germany and incorporated in September 2012 has emerged from the TERRA PRETA e.K. business that was researching and producing black earth products for more than 10 years.

TERRA PRETA is a developer and manufacturer of procducts based on the principle of so called terra preta black earth soils. The products are diffentiated by the amounts of charcoal and other ingrediences but also the way of production. It is planned to file patents for recently developed innovative products. The products are normally used in

  • Inhouse plants and glass houses
  • Small to medium outdoor gardens
  • Gardening nursery and farming

All products are tested inhouse on their efficiency. An official permission to market and sell.

TERRA PRETA has been given by the local agricultural authorities. TERRA PRETA owns a significant portfolio of trademarks and domain names which gives it a unique market position, especially in online activities.

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